Future Generations

As the owner and manager of Dandenong Plaza, The GPT Group believes that a healthy environment and society can be achieved through a long-term commitment and shared responsibility. That's why we are taking steps to ensure Dandenong Plaza can be enjoyed by current and future generations with minimal impact on the environment.

Dandenong Plaza is committed to reducing its water, energy and waste usage.

At the end of March 2008, Dandenong Plaza has managed to save 70,000,000 litres of water through sustainable initiatives.  To put this in context, this means that Dandenong Plaza has saved 28 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water. 

Furthermore,  Dandenong Plaza held a shower head exchange programme for its customers and staff.  We managed to exchange 1,428 shower heads, which means we saved our community from using 28,000,000 litres per year - that's 11.2 Olympic size swimming pools for 2008.